Thursday, July 21, 2016

New York City {Part 1}

This past week Blake and I were off to New York City! Earlier this year we went to New York in the winter but this time around we wanted to experience it while it was warmer.

Everything about this city just captivates me. The atmosphere, all of the huge buildings, the parks, and just walking everywhere. This picture was taken while we were strolling through Central Park.

We also went to the Martin Creed Exhibit called The Back Door. His exhibit runs through August 8th so if you are in the city between now and then I think you should check it out! This exhibit was unlike anything I have ever seen. Some of the things were totally unexpected and fun.

The two pictures above are the same room. On that big screen they would show different pictures and then it would just shut off and the screen would retract and that door would open.

There was a room FULL of balloons that you could walk through. This was so fun! I felt like a kid again.

Just walking down the street and looking up to see the Empire State Building! This building is so gorgeous, especially when it is lit up at night.

We went to Bryant Park that night and I loved this place! We came back to this park every night of our trip, and one night there was a classical concert and it was amazing to just sit and listen too while being in the midst of the city.

I loved the details of this building, the black and gold went perfectly together. This is right across the street from Bryant Park.

Just look at that view, trees and huge buildings! This was the night of the concert at the park.

That is all for today! Thanks for stopping by and come back for more of what we did!


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